Monday, July 24, 2006


It says in this article that Fios is costing Verizon $1400 a home to install. I kid you not, I would pay them $1500 right now if they would run it to my home. I would also sign up for their TV and phone services as well. I don't get why they aren't doing this any faster. There is a demand. I am not the only one.


albert said...

i recall reading nasty things about that router having to do with verizon's stance on net neutrality.

trace said...

You've got a point on that. I've got moral issues with Verizon, but short of leasing my own OC12 line to the net, I have limited options for reliable Internet bandwith: Comcast, need I say more about how I feel about them? Verison or some DSL provider (using Verizon copper).

In that context, the market is forcing me to compromise my morals. What can I do?