Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why I will never buy another mac : reasons 1,2 and 3

1) There is no easy way to move files across volumes

I have a server where I hold most of my files. But I can't move files from my mac to the server takes me 2 steps when it should take one. Assuming I have both folders open (which is a topic for another post), I can drag the files from one folder to the other. However, (using some strange Mac logic) they are only copied. This is unlike the behaviour when I drag from one folder to another on the same volume which turns out to be a move. Ok, fine, I'll accept that you want different behavior in this case, just give me a way to move the files in this case. As it is, after the copy operation I have to then take the same files and drag them to the trash.

In Windows (oh how I miss it), one simply clicks and drags the files using the right mouse button and then when they get to their destination, you can choose copy or move as your operation.. how novel. I tried the right click drag on the mac, can't be done..

2) delete files must be a drag to the trash

In Windows (oh how I miss it), to delete a selected file I could simply click the delete or backspace button on my keyboard, or if I was feeling like doing a hard way, I right click on it and select delete. Neither of these options work on the Mac. nope, I must click and drag the file(s) to the trash. Yay.. that's really useful and helps me out a bunch..

3) create new folder.

Yup, in Windows (oh how I miss it), you can be anywhere and be just a right click away from creating a new folder. This will only work on the Mac if you are hovering above the Desktop. It won't work in a folder, or anywhere else.. Why not? Who designed this interface and more importantly, how is it that so many people love this OS? What am I missing?


Anonymous said...

You aren't using OS X are you? No sarcasm intended, serious question. I don't do any networking personally so I can't answer question 1.

As far as question 2, I fail to see how this is a valid reason for never buying another mac. At least, you could tell yourself its valid if you truly miss all the security threats and general unreliability. I digress. Windows had its "recycle bin", same thing really. Just holds files to you tell it to delete them once and for all. Or you could just try selecting one or multiple items and hitting Command-Delete.

On Question 3, Command-Shift-N makes a new folder anytime, anywhere, not just hovering over the desktop. I suppose this is why I asked if you were using OS X, because it is certainly included, but to be quite honest, one has always been able to do that on a mac, even when Windows was still in diapers. I'm truly not sure why it isnt working for you, but such a problem is the exception and not the rule for people using Mac OS.

Regarding the last comment, fear not friend, for your curiousity does not go unanswered, for there are plenty of people who wonder how you could ever feel anything more than resigned acceptance or perhaps even tolerance of Windows, let alone feel anything close to enjoyment from using it. Best of luck to you, and do try learning. It helps.

trace said...

You're a tad late.. I got rid of my mac (and Os X) months ago. My mouse pain cleared up and I finally began to get some work done. I will never buy another Apple product again and I am fully convinced that you mac people are kool-aid drinkers.. Totally clueless to the shit that is your computer.. sorry..