Sunday, May 15, 2005

Springboard Media

There is a company named Springboard Media that I have to give a plug to. I bought my mac there and even though I've been a cranky baby, the people there have been totally understanding and have tried to help me get things working again. After my last mess, I wrote the owner and explained to him (in an embarrasingly angry tone) my situation and my discontent with the Mac they sold me. Mind you, today is Sunday.

In either case, an hour later I got a reply. He's going to send his top tech to my house to replace the entire unit and make sure things are running 100% for me. Now I'm sure he's not in the business of replacing Macs all the time, but in this case, this unit I've got is having serious hardware problems and would most likely be exchangeable through Apple had I bought it online, but the thing is that I didn't. I bought it from a local vendor and now they are being kind enough to send someone here to help me out instead of having me go back and forth to the shop.

That's what I call customer service. I haven't seen that too often in America today.

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