Monday, May 23, 2005

Elton John

Well, Elton John is playing on the 4th of July here in Philly and I wanted to get some info about the concert for some friends who are going to be in the city.

Before I comment on my attemt can I just ask something? Am I the only one who finds it odd that Elton John, excuse me.. Sir Elton John is the headliner for a 4th of July concert? The day that we all celebrate our independence over the tyranny and oppression of the British government.. of which he is a knight? I guess most people don't even remember what we celebrate the day for anyway do they?

Ok, whatever.. so I type into google "4th of july philadelphia" thinking that I'd get some Philly sponsored website about the concert. Nope, no luck. I try other variations, no luck. I somehow remember that a few years ago the 4th of July concert was named the Welcome America concert (don't ask me why I remembered that) so I tried "Welcome America".. Hmn.. nope.. no luck.. I try "welcome america philadelphia" and finally I find something...the 2004 event schedule.

I decide, maybe the philadelphia website has something.. hmn.. gotta find that one now.. is it no.. that's the daily news site.. is it nope.. that's some commercial tourist trap site..'s some kind of .gov domain.. nope.. ok.. back to google (it shouldn't be this hard).. ahh.. the 3rd one down.. .. who would think of this address? anyone? As an aside, they should register and point it to the same place.. how hard is that?

anyway, I can't find it there either, lots of links on wireless philadelphia though.. that's useful.. So, lets see, its a concert with like 2 million people going to it, it's a huge boost to your revinue, so where would you promote it? You got me.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta think about who's paying for the show darlin'. As in try Googling 'Sunoco Welcome America.'
S'alright.....I still dig ya.