Thursday, February 02, 2006

More on Cindy

I read a post that referenced this post. It said that in the Kos post the idea came up to do a day where everyone wore T-shirts that said "2,245 Dead - How Many More?" which was the shirt that Cindy had on.

I thought about this and I agree. Someone with the ability to print, sell, and deliver a huge number of these shirts should agree to do it at cost and maybe charge a dollar or two extra to go to some Anti-War charity. A web site should be set up and publicized and a day of protest should be chosen for us to all wear the shirts. Hell, I'd pay $20 for one, knowing that it would be for a mass protest like this.. This is the kind of activisim I'm talking about.. Picture 5 Millon people wearing the same shirt on the same day and what kind of media attention it would get world wide.. it would be a way to say "hey W, hey Red staters, we're fucking out here and we can organize you fuckers!".. but of course I'm dreaming aren't I? We can't organize ourselves and that's why this is all happening.. yup.. bummer..


Ryan said...

You can also write to your senators and congressmen - that usually does a bit more to the political process than just wearing a t-shirt. If enough people write in from a representative's constituency, the idea is that he/she has to listen or they won't get re-elected. I hear those politicians fear that...

Also, did you read the paper today about the Bush administration's new budget plan? $220 billion to the war effort, and $18 billion to Hurricane Katrina areas. I'm all for supporting our troops, but shouldn't the TLC start at home first?

trace said...

Don't even get me started on Katrina.