Friday, February 03, 2006

The Grammys - bah

So, I saw an ad for the Grammys today : "Louder! Live and Unpredictable!".. ha ha ha ha.. do I even have to disect this one for you? Ok.. I'll give you some hints.

a) It's not fucking live if you have a tape dealy you fucking assholes!
b) It's not unpredictable if it's scripted and you have a tape delay!
c) Louder than what? Isn't there a maximum volume level you can broadcast? Yup there is and all audio engineers shoot to get as close to it as possible w/o going over. The only way to make it louder is for us to turn up our tv's.

What do they take us for? Morons? Oh yea.. they do..

The grammys? they can go fuck themselves...

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