Friday, November 18, 2005

Wanted : Ted or Alive

I love the show "Wanted : Ted or Alive" on OLN. I love it not becasue it has guns or a hot babe as a contestant. Not becasue it's fun to see Ted Nugent toally fucking with people.

Nope, I love it becasue it's on the air and that's amazing to me. Here is a show where Ted puts guns in the hands of people and haves them shoot at tv's. Here is a show where Ted forces people to hang on crosses. Here is a show where Ted has people kill their own dinner. And yet, the religious right and PETA haven't tried to kick it off the air!

Perhaps it's becasue Ted has American flags everywhere. Maybe (and I'm guessing) he's a replican donor? Whatever, this show is crazy and a bit offensive, but I'm amazed at its bravery so I give it my thumbs up.

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