Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"How I Met your Mother" part 2

A little way back I reccomended that you check out the show "How I met your mother". At the time, the show was edgy and dry and pretty good. Since then the show has been going downhill by my standards so I don't reccomend it anymore.

I think that as of about 3 episodes ago, they (the network) decided that the show was a hit and then totally got thier grubby paws into the writing of it in some way. I'm not sure exacly what changed about the writing, but it has changed. It is getting more clean and the jokes are getting more obvious and cliche.

I've noticed that they are also quickly getting away from the "how I met your mother" concept and are cutting the kids time in the front on a weekly basis. That part is fine with me, but it does show quite clearly that there is re-tooling going on so my idea of wiring changes isn't totally out of left field. You can be the judge, but the show is off my list. Damn network suits!

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