Saturday, March 04, 2006

Emerald Nuts

Please don't think I'm jumping on a bandwagon here, but I love Emerald Nuts commercials. The first one I saw was in October of 2004. My blog post was simply :

Good Yob
Ni Same
Ahhh. Thats Ok.
Ike It

Encouraging Norwegians love Emerald Nuts


Referencing the most amazing commercial I'd seen up to that point in time. I loved that spot. (It can be seen here by clicking 'tv ads' on the top spinner thing, then the 'next' hand thingie then "Encouraging Norwegians"). Something about that spot just cracked me up. Since then I'd see a spot once and a while.

During the SB the "Networking Druid" spot came on and even though I'd never seen it, I knew it was an EN commercial. Everyone else in the room were like "huh? What the fuck was that shit?" as I burst into hysterics. All I can say is that I love their commercials!

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