Monday, January 09, 2006

The Staircase

Watch this dvd. It's called "The Staircase" and it's not really a film, but a 2 DVD set of 8 episodes of a documentary that was on Sundance. It was done by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade who won an Oscar for "Murder on a Sunday Morning". Essentially there were 2 documenary crews following both sides of a high profile murder trial. One crew follwing the defense and one the prosecution.

This film is so well made you almost can't believe how perfect it is. Even if you aren't a fan of courtroom dramas, you should see this becasue it is a perfect commantary about how capital cases are tried and what goes into them. Also it's just sad how this case was prosecuted so vigourously mostly becasue of the type of man that was the defendant (I'm trying not to give anything away).

Just rent it. It is facinating and infuriating..

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Lingo Slinger said...

cool thanks for the tip. i'm always looking for films outside of the standard blockbuster-type mass appeal ones.