Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Studio 60 bootlegged

This isnt' going to last long at all. The show I most want to see in September is on You Tube.. It's the pilot and I don't know how it got there but it's there in 5 parts.. check it out if you can...

-- oh.. by the way.. I've seen the first 5 minutes.. and it's good!

-- ok.. now I've seen 10 and it's really good!!

-- 15 minutes in.. I can't stop watching..

-- there were some funny moments up to this point.. but the first Laugh Out Loud one was at about 7:45 into part 4.. This show is going to be a hit...

-- ok.. final update.. seen the whole show and there is a slight dislike for Chandler, but I think that will pass.. I love Josh/Bradley and their chemistry together is quite good.. the show is well written.. very well written and the subject is totally interseting.. I love the show and I can't wait until it airs..

by the way.. thanks NBC for leaking it!

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