Saturday, December 17, 2005

We can solve the big problems. We just need to try!

The problem in the world is that we don’t try to solve big problems anymore. At least we don’t try to actively solve them with big solutions. I’m talking about big huge solutions filled with resolve…the kind of solutions that don’t seem possible at first. Sure we make little attempts at fixing stuff. We make short term fixes and then wait until we need to address things again. But in essence we don’t solve anything.

As a race, we humans have shied away from the big stuff lately. In our past we have tackled huge problems: language, culture, energy, etc. I think that since we’ve become ‘civilized’, we decided we didn’t need to do anything else. It’s like collectively we became lazy and complacent.

I think we need to get off our asses and start thinking about solutions for big problems. We need to brainstorm. We need to debate about stuff. And not about politics and taxes, we need to start focusing our energies on tacking the big problems.

I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about. I think I have a way to start us on the road to world peace. I think I can solve all the problems in the Middle East. I may not have it right, but I’ll bet my idea never crossed your mind. I bet you’re going to think I’m an idiot or something. But what I’m proposing here is an idea on how to solve a huge problem that nobody seems to want to solve.

Before I begin, let me just outline what I believe to be true. I don’t have the time right now to look up my facts so I’m simply going to outline a number of items for you. I think that while I may be incorrect on some of my assumptions, overall it’s the concept of the solution that is important to think about.

  1. Most, if not all Middle East problems, including ones that affect us here (like al Qaeda) stem from the fact that the Israelis live in the area given them in 1967 by the League of Nations.

  2. Arabs believe that the land where the Israelis should belong to them because it contains all their holy places.

  3. Jews have few, if any true holy places in their land that they care about

  4. By living where they do, Jews have enemies on all sides of them that want them dead at all times.

Ok, so here it is. The Jews should abandon Israel and move somewhere safer and we in America and in the other free nations should help them. Let Palestine or Syria or whoever have the land. Once this issue is resolved, there will be no more friction in the Middle East. All problems in the Middle East stem from the Jews living in Israel. Solve this issue and everything else falls in line.

Yes, I hear all of your arguments. Let me give you more of my solution. I know that the Jews have a right to the land and they should feel like they should stay. I know that asking them to move is a terrible thing. But sacrifice has to be made to come to a solution here and I mean sacrifice across the board.

The Jews need to leave. Really, is there a better solution? We all know that it’s only a matter of time before Arab nations develop nuclear capabilities and start lobbing bombs at Israel. Or perhaps they carry them into the US or Spain or Germany or wherever. Over the long term, if the Jews stay in Israel, there will never be peace.

So, we move them out. And we don’t just put them up in a Holiday Inn somewhere; we move them to a place that will be better for them across the board. Furthermore, we do it at no cost to them. But where would they go? This is a sovereign nation we are talking about here.

Here is where I’m going to sound really crazy but if you take a moment and think about what I’m about to say, if you allow yourself to dream a little and imagine it as a possibility, you may see that I’m making some sense.

I think that we should offer the Jews one of our cities. And not just as a place to live, but as a piece of land that they can make into their own nation again: New Israel. If we move them to our shores, they will be safe, they will be able to focus on developing themselves (instead of spending a huge amount of resources on national defense) and they will be able to live without fear of terrorism.

I’ve thought a lot about where to offer them land. First I thought about it from the perspective of a resident of the city that was being given away. Would I want to leave? Perhaps I would if I fully understood how important it would be for my country and for the Jews and for the world. That would be a case someone would have to make for me, and make it clearly and concisely.

But I’m not sure if a city filled with wealthy, settled, working people would be happy with the idea no matter how noble. So, I began to think of cities that were primarily filled with people who didn’t care that they lived there, that would gladly move if their situations could be improved. I began to focus on cities that were isolated due to a large number of poor people. Detroit for example.

We can move these people out of the city, buy them some land, build them a house, give them a job of some kind. Would they be amenable? I think they would. This would cost millions of dollars, but I have an idea for that as well which I will get to shortly.

I thought about Detroit for a while and decided against it, New Israel to have a chance to work would need to be settled with access to an ocean. And then it dawned on me. What city, what region in America is near the ocean and is virtually empty and has its residents already moved out? Yup, New Orleans. We should give the city (and the surrounding region) to the Israelis. We could build the levies and clean it up and present it to them. They would have an ocean, and be surrounded by the US. How safe would that be?

So how do we pay for this? How do we move an entire nation across the ocean? How do we pay to prepare New Orleans? How do we pay to move who is left in the area out? Its simple. Think about who benefits from Israel moving out of the Middle East? Almost the entire Civilized World. We could make a case to the world that this helps everyone and so everyone should contribute to making it happen. America shouldn’t have to pay a penny since we are giving up a huge chunk of our nations land and coastline but the EU should pay, Saudi Arabia should pay, Russia should pay, China should pay, Japan should pay. Coming up with the money shouldn’t be a problem.

The problem is convincing people that this crazy idea could work. If you think about it, this is the only barrier to this idea. The only barrier to relative world peace is convincing the world’s people that it is plausible. Think about that. We can have world peace if we just believed we could.

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Anonymous said...

Your "facts" are absurd! I understand that you didn't have time to look them up, but they're so wrong. You've had a long time to correct them since first posting.

And your "solution" is absurd.